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Top 5 Strategies, Online Course

Free online course covering the most essential strategies for effective writing–any topic, any audience, and any genre. This is a live course with David Bowman, owner and chief editor of Precise Edit. Only 18 seats per course are available. The course will be 30 minutes long.

June 16, 2011; 4 p.m. Eastern
click here to register.

Purchase the course presentation (PDF): $0.99.
(Not required for the course)

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Coffee Is Wonderful! (in my opinion)

CoffeeIsWonderful!Coffee is a wonderful beverage. It has a pleasant taste, and it can help you wake up, think clearly, recover quickly after a strenuous workout, and lose weight. People who drink coffee feel good about themselves.

Not so fast, buckaroo.

Some of this may be true, but some is certainly an opinion. Here are the opinions:

  • Wonderful beverage,
  • Pleasant taste, and
  • Feel good about themselves.

Opinions creep into our writing easily, and they can damage our relationship with the reader. When you provide opinions, you don’t respect the readers’ rights to form their own opinions from the facts. In contrast, you create the opportunity for the reader to discredit your authority. Continue reading

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