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Find and Replace Tricks and Tips

The document in the video below shows some of the common formatting problems people have. The video demonstrates how to correct them using Microsoft Word’s Find-and-Replace feature.

Here’s what’s wrong.

First, in several places, two spaces are between words and at the end of sentences where there should only be one. If your Show/Hide button is on, you should be able to tell where these extra spaces occur. A space shows up as a little dot between words. If you have two little dots, you have two spaces. 

Second, the first lines of every paragraph have been tabbed over once to create a first line indent. This can pose a problem if you need to adjust the first line indentation of your document. If you’re publishing your document or have to follow formatting that requires certain margins and indentations, readjusting your manuscript paragraph by paragraph will be very tedious. 

Third, some of the paragraphs have a space at the beginning. Continue reading


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