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How much should my e-book cost?

 Amazon.com and SmashWords have opened the doors for self-publishing authors to distribute their e-books worldwide, and many authors are quick to take advantage of this opportunity. They upload their book files, fill in the book descriptions and other information, and then get to the question of price. How much should an e-book cost?

Many new self-publishing authors are looking for the most readers possible, so they choose a low price. Perhaps the author is hoping consumers will buy the book on impulse because the price is so low. Perhaps the author thinks that the low price will result in massive sales volume, which would compensate for the lower profit per book. I see many books with a $0.99 price tag.

This isn’t always the best approach to setting the price for an e-book. In fact, it’s usually the wrong approach. We can turn to the field of micro-economics to understand why gaining more readers isn’t always desirable, and why high sales volume doesn’t always produce the most profit. We’ll look at sales price from the basis of three concepts:

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“Commas for Lunch”, a free on-line workshop.

Learn to use commas correctly, leading to professional and clear writing. “Commas for Lunch”, a one-hour on-line course by David Bowman, chief editor of Precise Edit. Date: Sept. 24, 2010 Time: 1:00 p.m. EST. 18 seat maximum Attendance is Free. COURSE FULL.

Stay tuned–We’ll do this again.

UPDATE: 0 Seats remain.

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Create a Well-Formatted Document

Some time ago I posted an article titled “Basic Computer Skills for Authors.” Then I wrote an article titled “Converting for Kindle” that gave tips on how to format a document and upload it to Kindle using basic HTML. After reformatting Word documents for clients, I realized that a third article is imperative, “Creating a Well-Formatted Document.” 

Consistent Format

When reviewing a document before I begin to reformat, the first thing I notice is inconsistency, as if the author were thinking, “Shouldn’t documents have multiple font settings, font sizes, and headings? Isn’t a document that’s fully clad more appealing to the reader? Shouldn’t I show the reader that I’m mad by doing this to the word mad: MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?” 

No. They shouldn’t, it isn’t, and he shouldn’t.  Continue reading


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Converting for Kindle

I recently converted Precise Edit’s 300 Days of Better Writing and Your Writing Companion-Writing Advice and Instruction from Precise Edit, for Kindle. While the conversion platform for Kindle (DTP-Digital Text Platform) appeared to be straightforward, it wasn’t. For example, previewing the document after uploading it was a little frustrating. I couldn’t choose to go to the cover page of a document through the pull down menu in the preview screen. Instead, I had to click the left arrow at the top for several hundred pages (in our case) to get to the cover page and see if it was there at all. Since it wasn’t, I had to revise my coding and go through the whole uploading process again.

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“300 Days of Better Writing”-Interview with David Bowman

The interview below is conducted by Kay Elizabeth, Editor/Co-Owner of The Cuckleburr Times.

Q: Please welcome David Bowman, owner and chief editor of Precise Edit and author of 300 Days of Better Writing, which was just released for Kindle readers. Thank you for agreeing to this interview with The Cuckleburr Times. Please give our readers an overview of 300 Days of Better Writing.

A: Thank you. I am very excited about 300 Days of Better Writing. In short, this e-book provides writers with 300 daily strategies for improving writing. The general concept behind this book is simple. If writers learn one new writing strategy every day, over time their writing will greatly improve; their writing will get better for each of 300 days. As a whole, 300 Days comprises our best strategies, advice, and instruction for writing well. Continue reading

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300 Days of Better Writing

Precise Edit’s 300 Days of Better Writing is available for purchase in PDF (9.95), Kindle(9.95) and hardcopy(13.95). If you’d like to try before you buy, Your Writing Companion-Writing Advice and Instruction from Precise Edit offers samples from 300 Days of Better Writing, Bang! Writing with Impact, and the Precise Edit Training Manual (PDF and Kindle).

Look for the Precise Edit Training Manual for Kindle coming soon. To get Your Writing Companion or to purchase our writing guides go to “Precise Edit’s Writing Guides” on this blog or visit PreciseEdit.com or HostileEditing.com.

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300 Days of Better Writing


The hardcopy (13.95), PDF (9.95), and Kindle (9.95) versions of 300 Days of Better Writing are available for purchase at HostileEditing.com .

Use coupon code BETTER300 and receive free shipping for the hardcopy. Purchase the hardcopy or PDF of 300 Days of Better Writing and get a free PDF of the Precise Edit Training Manual (automatic at check out through PayPal, no coupon code necessary).

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