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Editing at -60 Degrees

How cold is it?

Last night, the temperature in Santa Fe, NM, dropped to -13, and I went outside to walk in the snow. No one else was out and about. What a difference, I thought, to 6 weeks ago.

One of my clients is a tribal organization in the village of Fort Yukon, deep in the heart of Alaska. The organization brings me to its offices a few times a year for on-site assistance. Six weeks ago, when I was there last, the temperature there was much, much colder. On several mornings, the temperature was below -60. That’s cold.

I was there for about a week to assist with grant development and implementation, document review, and other forms of communication assistance. Having survived that extreme condition, I couldn’t complain about the temperature last night.

Fort Yukon is 10 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Dawn was around 10:30 in the morning, dusk around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was there during the equinox, so one day the sun never rose above the horizon. (You would have to travel much farther north to experience the full days of darkness.) This means that I walked to the office, and back to where I was staying, in darkness.

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