Found Treasures

Graphical display of word meanings and word associations. Type in a word, hit enter, and wait for the display. It’s very cool.

Writer Watchdog
The Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing directory lists valuable services for self-publishing authors (many that offer discounts to Writer Watchdog readers) and informative articles from industry experts (including several from Precise Edit).

How to Tell a Great Story
To help promote and improve your storytelling career. We bring you free storyteller-related articles, stories, resources, tips and much, much more.

Common Errors in English
Scroll down to the commonly confused and misused words. This list is quite thorough (see “Cheese Quesadilla” for example). I’m impressed.

608 Business Letters
While the writing isn’t quite up to our standards, these samples may give you a good place to start of developing business letters for many purposes.

Quotes on Writing
A very large selection of quotes by authors, in 16 categories, about various aspects of writing.

Beauty of the Word
A little video of ours with slides showing the beauty of the world and scrolling tips for graceful writing.

JenniferESL: Your Online English Instructor
Whether you’re currently enrolled in a language program or not, take advantage of free online instruction from an experienced teacher. The material will introduce new content to some and serve as a review for others.

Why Commas Matter
A short post on how the presence or absence of commas can change the number of children one man has.

Espresso Book Machine 2.0
I am eager for our local bookstores to get this. Take a look at our post “How Bookstores Can Survive Amazon.” This would be a great strategy for the print-on-demand technologies discussed in that article.