Library Book Talk a Fun Success

Precise Edit's Alina Padilla giving away a copy of "300 Days of Better Writing."

We gave our second library book talk, “Writing that Hits Your Target,” at the Tony Hillerman Library in Albuquerque on Saturday, March 9th. Like the first book talk in Santa Fe (the La Farge Library), it was a success!

The presentation was short, but full of useful information for all writers. We also answered questions about the editing process. 

The presentation addressed five major writing concepts from 300 Days of Better Writing:

  • Rhetorical/grammatical subject;
  • Subject, verb, and object;
  • Sentence and paragraph transitions;
  • 1 idea per paragraph; and
  • Writing simply. 

We also gave away a book to one lucky recipient. 

We look forward to more successful library book talks in the future. We also look forward to teaching more on-line courses of “Top Five Writing Strategies,” which cover the same major topics. 

We would like to thank the staff at Tony Hillerman for helping make our book talk a success. 

For more information on our writing guides visit

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