This Is the Book You Need

The Audience Is You:

You’re a business owner, an administrative assistant, a student, an author, a blogger, a proposal writer, a program director, a media specialist, a staff member, a journalist, a professor, an editor, an activist, a freelance writer, a teacher.

You write.

And when you write, you have a purpose.

The Concept Is True:

Your success depends on your ability to write well. The better you can write, the more likely you are to accomplish your purpose. Improving your writing doesn’t occur all at once. You don’t suddenly acquire everything you need to know. Rather, it happens a little at a time through a process of continuous improvement.

You and I could sit down today, and I could tell you everything I know about good writing. I could share with you all the strategies and concepts I have learned through 20 years of editing and then tell you to go and do everything I just discussed. I will test you tomorrow. You will fail.

You will fail because people don’t learn that way. We cannot learn everything at once. However, we can learn one thing, maybe a few things, and, through reflective practice, learn to apply what we have learned. Learning to write well is a matter of continuous improvement, not instant acquisition. If you try to become a great writer in one day, you will fail. If you try to become a better writer today than you were yesterday, you will succeed.

This is the central concept behind 300 Days of Better Writing. Learn something new each day, reflect on it, practice it, and become a better writer today than you were yesterday.

The Title Is Accurate:

When I was preparing this book for publication, I argued with my father about the title of this book. (No, we didn’t have the shout-you-down kind of argument. We had the “real” kind in which you make a statement and defend it.) In his opinion, the book should be titled 300 Days to Better Writing, not 300 Days of Better Writing.

I don’t like what 300 Days to Better Writing implies. I argued that 300 days is a long time to wait to become a better writer. By using this book, a person can write better today, write better tomorrow, and write better for another 298 days. Together, these add up to writing better for each of 300 days, i.e., 300 days of better writing.

This Book Is for You:

The first, perhaps most important, concept to writing is to know your reader. When you understand your reader, you can determine not only what to write but also how to write. I applied this concept to 300 Days of Better Writing and created a book that is very different from other writing guides.

Some writing books are entertaining but limited in useful content. Some writing books require you to get another writing book just so you can understand them. Some dump more information on you than you can learn or use. Some provide tidbits on writing without helping you understand the bigger issues, while others focus on big, vague concepts but don’t give you practical advice on how to apply them to your needs. 300 Days of Better Writing isn’t like these writing guides.

300 Days of Better Writing is a writing guide written and structured for you: strategies and information to help become a better writer today than you were yesterday, and writing instruction that matches the way you learn.

Here’s what business manager D. Dericotte says:

The book’s style and structure make each “daily” lesson easy to understand and help the reader start applying the lesson immediately…Bowman skillfully hits his intended target on every page, providing great perspective and examples without unnecessary fluff. Furthermore, Bowman does a superb job of communicating the mechanics, tactics and strategy for each tool, assisting the readers with their immediate challenges while reminding them of the “big picture” objectives involved in any writing effort.

This book is for D. Dericotte, and it’s for you. As Scott Sanders (Associate Chair for Core Writing, Director of Professional Writing and Internships, University of New Mexico) says, “Readers who take Bowman’s advice to heart when they pick up a pen or fire up the word processor will find they are stronger writers for doing so.”

Are you serious about improving your writing? Get the book and do it.

Improve Your Writing for 300 Days:

PDF Download
(8″ x 11″, 191 pages, $9.95)


(6″ x 9″, perfect bound, 262 pages, $13.95 + shipping, U.S. only)

More information and media kit

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  1. AcctgWarrior

    My Kindle hasn’t been delivered yet, but I do intend to get this book. Cheers!

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