Precise Edit Answers a Question Regarding Grammar

Grammar question for cover letter.

I’m not a English native,and i would like write a cover letter therefore, i need a help for the grammar correction :) thanks in advance.

“your commitment to your clients and awareness to their needs (HAS) attracted me
I’m a self driven person, I set my own goal and PUTTING MY EFFORT TO ACCOMPLISH IT.”

is this sounds right? because I’m not sure on this.

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

No. This has several word usage problems common to non-native speakers. It also has problems with mechanics, specifically capitalization and punctuation. Here is your corrected text:

Your commitment to your clients and awareness of their needs have attracted me. I am a self-driven person. I set my own goals and work to accomplish them.

“Awareness to” doesn’t make sense. You have an awareness OF something.

Has >> Have: You are attracted by 2 things, commitment and awareness. Thus, you need the plural verb “have.” Two things HAVE attracted you.

I’m >> I am: Contractions are informal and are inappropriate in a cover letter.

Self-driven: When you link together two modifiers (adjectives, in this case) that together describe a noun, and when they are before the noun, they need to be hyphenated.

Putting, etc.: You would not correctly say “I putting my effort….” Here, you need a first-person singular form of the verb, “put.” However, the phrase “put my effort” means “work,” which is the more common way to say this.

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