Get Your Book Manuscript Reviewed—For Free!

Contest Closed–
Winners announced on January 4!

UPDATE (1/4/10)
We selected a winner. Now we’re preparing the announcement and justification. Check back later today for the announcement.

Win a free analysis and review of your manuscripts from the editors who help writers publish great books. We believe that writers are important, and this is a way to help them write books that others will want to read and buy. This contest is open to all writers who have written or are writing book-length manuscripts, fiction and nonfiction, and are preparing for publication.

Sponsored by Precise Edit and Writer Watchdog.

What winners receive:

Two writers will receive, at no cost, Precise Edit’s manuscript and review service. We will read the book critically, prepare detailed recommendations, and offer advice for improvements.

Who can enter:

Writers with fiction or nonfiction manuscripts and are either seeking publication through traditional or non-traditional means. The final word count of the manuscript must be at least 50,000 words. The manuscript does NOT have to be complete to enter. However, if you win, you will need to finish the manuscript before we can provide the review and analysis service.

What others have said about this service:

Great suggestions! As I reread this piece with your comments in mind, the things you brought up stood right out. These are the kinds of reviews that really help me improve my work. (J. Hoffman, author of WoodWyrm Academy)

Thank you. This was exactly the kind of input I was looking for. (Ashira, author of The Witches’ Child)

I really appreciated the professional analysis you did on my novel for its second edition. Not only did you understand its complexity, but you managed to suggest changes that would simplify matters for the readers while not sacrificing the essence of the novel’s intertwining themes. (J. Hart, author of Election Dance)

How to enter this contest:

In the comment field for this post, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the book about? (3-8 sentences)
  2. Fiction: What is the central conflict? (1-2 sentences); Nonfiction: What is the central theme or purpose? (1-2 sentences)
  3. Who is the target audience for the book? (1 sentence)
  4. Why will this audience read your book? (1-3 sentences)

You may enter through December 31, 2009. Make sure to use a valid e-mail address when posting your submission. We will send you a unique entry number to identify you later in case you win. Your entry will be disqualified if you do not adhere to the above entry requirements. Questions? E-mail Precise Edit owner and chief editor David Bowman:

How winners will be chosen:

Think of your entry as a publisher query letter. We will evaluate each component of the submission and select the two that in our subjective opinion have appeal, demonstrate understanding of the target market, and have a clearly defined, engaging, and substantial conflict or purpose.

We will make and publish our choices on January 4, 2010, and we will e-mail the authors of winning entries to arrange for their free service.

What non-winning participants receive:

If you don’t win the free Manuscript Review and Analysis, but you decide you want the service, you can get it at a 20% discount just for participating. Entering this contest in no way obligates you to receive any services or engage in any contractual or service agreement with Precise Edit. (The normal price for Manuscript Review and Analysis is $1.50 per page. Non-winning participants who wish to contract for this service may receive it for $1.20 per page. For example: 200 page book x $1.50 = $300; 200 page book x $1.20 = $240.

The not-so-small print:

  1. The author maintains all rights to and ownership of the manuscript he or she delivers to Precise Edit for services, either as a winning entry, or as a manuscript for paid services. Please see the Precise Edit privacy notice posted on the Precise Edit website:
  2. Winners by default will allow Precise Edit and its representatives to publish or otherwise disseminate their names, manuscript title, and synopsis, similar to that which is posted in submission to this contest. No other contact information (e.g., phone number, e-mail address, mailing address) will be made public, nor will the manuscript be distributed by any means, as noted in the privacy policy. The Precise Edit privacy policy will be in effect for winning entries, other than the information noted in the first sentence of this item.
  3. We will not accept manuscripts that promote racism, hate crimes, or violence. These elements may be included in the book, but the book should not espouse them. Erotica is acceptable; pornography is not. All other fiction and non-fiction manuscripts are acceptable. We will not accept poetry.
  4. This contest is not open to clients of Precise Edit, Precise Edit staff members or freelancers, or friends and family members of Precise Edit staff members.
  5. In the event that this contest receives fewer than 20 entries, we may choose, at our discretion, to select only one winning entry.
  6. We will accept no entries for this contest by any means other than the process described above.
  7. Please note that all entries will be public inasmuch as they are made through the public comments of a public weblog. You accept all risk and liability that may arise out of your participation.
  8. If you have difficulty making your contest submission, please contact us for assistance.

Last note:

We look forward to receiving your contest submission. Best wishes to all who participate.


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11 responses to “Get Your Book Manuscript Reviewed—For Free!

  1. E.S. Cenote

    Have published an e-book combining erotica and science fiction. It’s the first of five providing Vayna’s story, who is born a slave and slowly progresses towards the freedom she ardently desires. The book’s URL is of the Steppes.html The publisher can be reached at Thank-you.

  2. E.S. – Thank you for information about the book. This contest is for unpublished manuscripts. Perhaps you would like to submit part 2 of your series as a contest entry. Please make sure your entry addresses each entry requirement.

  3. Thank you for checking out the details of this contest. Word count is not a criteria for selecting a winner, only for submissions. We established the minimum 50K word count to set a minimum value for the service winners will receive. At 50K words, the service is worth $250.

  4. How to enter this contest:

    In the comment field for this post, answer the following questions:

    1.What is the book about? (3-8 sentences)

    Taylor Ross, a burned-out former 60’s rock star, returns to his hometown to relieve his boredom. After inadvertently forcing the long-time high school marching band director to resign, Taylor is tapped to take over and revitalize the floundering band. Just as everything is coming together, Taylor’s new-found girl friend discovers that he’s dying of lung cancer.

    2.Fiction: What is the central conflict? (1-2 sentences); Nonfiction: What is the central theme or purpose? (1-2 sentences)

    Taylor, an old hippie, is battling for respect and acceptance within the community, and is fighting for acceptance within himself.

    3.Who is the target audience for the book? (1 sentence)

    A Different Drummer would appeal to a vast segment of society ranging from those in their teens, all of the way up to those who survived the ‘Free Love’ generation.

    4.Why will this audience read your book? (1-3 sentences)

    A Different Drummer draws on an untapped subject matter. As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more stories will evolve from their life experiences. I want to be amongst the first to embrace that theme.

  5. 1. What is the book about? (3-8 sentences)

    ‘The Legend of Alister Bashe’ is a modern fantasy centered around a man who discovers a hidden talent for magic, brought about by a chance encounter with a wayward moose. He is thrown into a centuries-old conflict, strung between nature and modernity, dreams and reality. ‘Alister Bashe’ is a sometimes humorous take on a serious situation of acceptance and challenge.

    2. Fiction: What is the central conflict?

    Alister must fully accept his nature and the realization that life is neither good nor evil, but straddles both worlds.

    3. Who is the target audience for the book?

    Target is the adult fiction reader who enjoys speculative fiction, fantasy, humor.

    4. Why will this audience read your book?

    With a glut in the classic fantasy genre, avid readers of sword and sorcery may appreciate a classic conflict brought into the familiar world.

  6. 1.What is the book about?
    In a universe of nine dimensions, what is willed comes to pass. Beings living there must be morally pure or dark impulses will immediately destroy them. This is a book about morality where differing views clash in a fantasy adventure that forms the core of a SF future where morality really matters. The Time of the Heathen occurs between the end of a world-wide nuclear war, interrupted by an invasion of aliens (who destroy all of the world’s armies) and the inauguration an alien global administration to control and transform human culture. Of the few human survivors of the war and the invasion, some resist the new alien government, while other collaborate. The story includes the quest of a particular couple of graduate students, Ewan and Alysa, both before and after the alien administration seizes control.

    2.Fiction: What is the central conflict?
    A couple traveling on a fantasy quest confront their presuppositions about myth and spirituality and receive inspiration taking two opposing paths regarding the control of the earth by an alien government.

    3.Who is the target audience for the book?
    Target audiences, SF/fantasy reading college students and a secondary Chritian market.

    4.Why will this audience read your book?
    Since the time of C.S. Lewis few literary works have told a good story that follows from Christian suppositions. Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” triology is an example of a story having agnostic or atheistic presuppositions, while “The Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky follows Buddhist ideology. My story will be of interest to SF/fantasy readers as a good story, but will be especially appealing to readers who want a story that describes the world from a Christian perspective.

  7. John Kovacich

    The Lost Art of Magic is approx. 93,000 words about the ancient power of magic, now extinct and long fogotten. Descendants of the once powerful mages and witches are now nothing more than psychics today, and the world barely even believes in them. But some remember, and some pass on the traditions. Destiny Boutin is one, she has the sight, as her mother and nana, but what’s more, she discovers the old magic.

    Destiny’s discovery is not entirely secret. There are those that would have her power for themselves, and would do anything to get it, and anything to silence her.

    The Lost Art of Magic is modern fantasy that should appeal to young adult and adult readers who want to believe there is something in our world beyond what we can touch and hold.

    Girl meets boy. Boy plans to kill girl. Girl won’t go down easy. I think everyone will have their own reasons for reading it. I hope some will also appreciate the deeper symbolism of the dream sequences.

  8. r mitchell

    1. What is the book about? (3-8 sentences)

    While some still choose to believe that great leaders are born, in reality most great leaders develop their leadership skills by following good role models, hands-on practice and working with people over time. Special Sauce: Secret Leadership Ingredients Revealed! is a book written for leaders at all stages of their careers who would like to improve their leadership skills. By comparing leadership skills to a recipe, readers will learn about basic and advanced leadership skills and how to use them in the workplace.

    2. Nonfiction: What is the central theme or purpose? (1-2 sentences)

    The premise of Special Sauce: Secret Leadership Ingredients Revealed! is leadership can be learned by practicing skills such as building trust, teamwork, and innovation, and knowing when to use them. This book provides an overview of basic skills effective leaders use in the workplace. Once the basics are covered, additional skills are discussed and readers are provided thought-provoking exercises and other resources to help build their skills.

    3. Who is the target audience for the book? (1 sentence)

    Supervisors and Managers who want to be more effective at leading their teams and getting results will benefit by reading this book.

    4. Why will this audience read your book? (1-3 sentences)

    Special Sauce: Secret Leadership Ingredients Revealed! is a tongue in cheek take on a sometimes dry subject. In its short, bit-sized chapters it contains practical ways to develop skills and enhance leadership effectiveness. As a bonus, its appendix contains a guide of both online and offline resources for continued development of leadership skills.

  9. Keith Adams

    1. What is this book about
    This violently colorful, devastatingly forthright recounting of the author’s search for self amidst the shards of mania, takes place almost exclusively over the course of the summer of the author’s forty-first year, set against the glittering background of the Corridor of Dreams – the swanky swathe of the West side of LA stretching from the Hollywood Hills to the boulevards of Beverly hill. With its tale of luxury goods, spiritual discovery, thrust for glory, brilliant ideas, not so brilliant ideas, fist-fights, arrest by the LAPD, and, ultimately, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, it asks if the gleaming personality chained up by mood stabilizers is the real self, and, if it is not, is there any such thing as a real self?

    2. What is the central theme or purpose?
    The yearning to “be somebody”, that had been a drum beat throughout my life, seemed to be on the verge of being fulfilled; and yet it was mania that was speaking. What remains now in the aftermath of mania?

    3. Who is the target audience for the book?
    People who read inspirational books, the mental health community, gays and lesbians, and people who’d love a good, exciting story set in Hollywood.

    4. Why will this audience read your book?
    I flatter myself that I have a strong prose style, and use it not to show off but in the service of the narrative. The book, I believe, is fascinating in the same way you can’t tear your eyes away from a train crash. But more than this, searing detective work of the soul explores the question of identity: mania reveals a gleaming new you, but is it the real you?

  10. 1. What is the book about?

    Cavalier’s Call is a story of love, ambition and conquest that unfolds in fourteenth century Portugal, and which captures the adventure and drama of the times. João de Aviz is the Infante, a prince to King Pedro I, schooled and instructed from an early age, in the skills of horsemanship, combat, navigation and survival. The Infante is commissioned by the monarchy to defend a villain in the royal court of Coimbra, against charges of murder. The prosecution is being led by the famed Don Antonio Esteves, courtier extraordinaire, with whom the Infante must do battle. João is forced to navigate his way through the stormy seas of the courtroom, with a creative brilliance and argument that threatens to trounce his opponent. João’s love for the daughter of his most vehement opponent, the beautiful and feisty Ines Peres Esteves, is being tested, and the couple must escape from the sword of assassins. When João and Ines Peres are forced into exile, stripped of all honor, and branded with a muddied reputation, the Infante must now stage his biggest comeback, and wage his toughest battle.

    2. Fiction: What is the central conflict?

    This is a story of a man’s struggle to hold his course of principle over expediency, and the quest to rise above the ashes of dissension.

    3. Who is the target audience for the book?

    Adult fiction readers, in the adventure and drama category, and anyone whose heritage is found in Portugal.

    4. Why will this audience read your book?

    This is a remarkable tale inspired by fact that allows readers to experience the atmosphere and excitement preceding Portugal’s rise to power, and its dominion over the high seas. Brilliantly crafted and meticulously researched, the novel exposes one to medieval history in the making, and the challenges that faced those at the cutting-edge of a defining moment in Portugal’s independence of 1385.

  11. Greetings.
    The Spices In Life tells of the potentially ravaging emotional coming of age against all emotional odds; being educated that a lot of money means at lot of madness. Christine V. Webbster suffers through a ‘Revelation” experience in hopes of living to tell about it.
    Fiction: C. Veronica Webbster and Angelia McCarthy have no other reason to hate one another, except for a childhood jealousy that got out of hand. It invades their middle school years to their high school prom where Christine clicks off three snaps, and it was over! Over twenty years pass and Angelia, whose parents are both Federal Court judges, is the one handing out the get back now.
    Target Audience would be those reading to take a way something spiritualy, factual, culturally emotional; being real and humorous about it. This audience, beacuse of the emotional understanding that those that exist, life is financially blessed yet inside a monsteer rages and the smile and cries criss cross and only a conversation with the Grim Reaper himself, does life make sense; damn!

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