Why We Give Away Free Stuff

People who communicate well can achieve their goals. Good communication leads to success and strong relationships. On the other hand, poor communication can create hostility or, even worse, indifference. In business, in school, and in many other arenas, good communication depends on the ability to write well.

Our business at Precise Edit is helping people communicate well in writing. We help people write what they mean clearly and in a manner that provokes a desired response. This is more than our job—it’s what we believe in.

In addition to the services we provide and books we sell, we give away a lot of free writing help, free writing resources, and free writing guides. This blog is only one outlet for the free writing instruction we provide.


 Here’s a short list of other places where you can get free writing advice from Precise Edit: 

These are our regular outlets for free writing instruction. We are also offering free copies of our popular Precise Edit Training Manual (62 pages, PDF download) for those who purchase 100 Days to Better Writing, vols. 1-2 (120 pages, PDF download). Normally this manual sells for $6.67, but the information is so good that we want people to have it for free. Originally written as a training tool for our editors and freelancers, it contains 28 articles on the most common editing strategies we use and problems we fix. You can read more information about these guides and this offer at http://hostileediting.com/

I hope that you take advantage of the free writing advice, guides, and instruction we provide. And I wish you success in all your endeavors.

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